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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: And So It Begins...
    Date: 5/25/2003 1:40:00 AM  

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><< We have problems here at home, ranging from poverty, >>
>a person living on the street in the USA has more access to food, water and
>shelter then much of the populations of the nations of india, china, or
>and of much of the continent of africa. and those are just the large nations

So you exalt this by pointing to the worst cases, as opposed to looking to the
majority of industrialized nations that offer universal health care and
assistance. So because we're not the worst, we're okay? Odd reasoning there,
but it makes you happy....

><< So how would you feel if someone came in to redraw the map of the United
>to solve those problems for the good of the world? >>
>if they have a large population(over 100 million) and have solved the
>of poverty, crime and drug abuse, while not resorting to the removal of civil
>rights, then i wouldn't see much of a problem.

Terrific. If you find such a country, let me know, because at the moment it
ain't on the map I have here at home.


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