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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS S2 commentary comment
    Date: 5/24/2003 4:43:00 PM  

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>I finally got to hear the commentary about the Pagans using the
>Declaration of Principles during rituals (and at some that I've
>attended, BTW). And I just wanted to mention that one of the local
>groups here REQUIRES their new members to watch the entire series as a
>starting point for discussions about personal responsibility and choices
>and consequenses.
>B5 is a nice, big rock to throw in the pond.

That's really terrific to hear. The funny thing is that I've been hearing more
and more of this lately, about the philosophy and ideas behind B5 being used in
this way.

In addition to the Pagan groups, I came across a bunch of Technomage sites that
use some of those elements, a Buddhist site that's full of B5 quotes, and a
Southern Baptist site that used a B5 quote (without attribution) right on its
front page.

I hear from so many people these days about this sort of's vastly
rewarding, I must say.

Funny thing is, on an aspect of the B5 philosophy...a while back, in order to
be able to use it in the show, I wrote down the whole basic philosophical
underpinning, under the heading of the Foundation (Franklin's group). It's
quite long and involved, but I felt that the only way to use it properly would
be to have it as fully fleshd out as the rest of the B5 universe.

Because so many people seem to respond to it, from time to time over the years
I've considered releasing that material...then I hesitate. It's one of those
things that either I'll release posthumously or delete altogether.


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