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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: And So It Begins...
    Date: 4/6/2003 11:13:00 PM  

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>I was also raised in an America that said freedom of speech also included
>being able to say someone else's speech was wrong. There is a circularness to
>freedom of speech that is often missed by people on opposing sides of the
>issue. If you are going to say something, I have every right to say that what
>you said is outrageous, if I feel that way. So, we should criticize the gov't
>whenever we feel the need, but we should also allow those who would criticize
>us THEIR free reign as well.

Which is a perfectly valid point, and a fine speech, it just has nothing to do
with what I was saying because I never said anything otherwise. I was
disagreeing with you. At no time did I say you weren't allowed to say certain
things. I said they were *wrong*, but you are free to be wrong to your vocal
heart's content.


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