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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: And So It Begins...
    Date: 4/2/2003 4:46:00 PM  

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>What's more, the trivial benefit to the US from making more money from
>oil is strongly outweighed by the human cost to the civilians in
>countries where the US military is taking these actions. Surely
>comparatively minor interests such as economic or political interests
>must take second place to the value of human lives, regardless of the
>geographical locations of the different persons involved.

Interestingly enough, the whole scenario takes on a different feel if you
replace Iraq with, say, Poland, or Austria. "Today, United States Coalition
forces began bombing Warsaw...."

Suddenly for a lot of people who find it find to bomb Baghdad, it sounds kind
of uncomfortable when it's a European city.


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