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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: (<--yes, yet another) re: cancellation of O5 and future
    Date: 1/12/2003 8:34:00 PM  

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>In the reports about Odyssey 5's cancellation it said that Showtime
>wants to dump it's SF shows, but can't do that to Jeremiah because of
>some MGM deal...
>A) any truth to this? How secure are you guys?

I'd heard the reverse, that Sony had attached a number of conditions to the
show that made it fiscally unviable for Showtime to pick it up. At least
that's the word on the street among show runner types.

>B) Are you going to be able to tell the FULL story with Jeremiah? Go the
>distance? etc...?

Every series is season-by-season.


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