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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: JMS: down time?
    Date: 9/21/2002 4:15:00 PM  

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>Since there's no official word yet on the renewal of Jeremiah, and nothing
>can officially say about the pick-up of Polaris, what's keeping you busy
>days? You've got ASM and Rising Stars, of course but doesn't that leave you
>least two projects short to keep you busy?
>Can you at least tell us how many projects you're working on that you can't
>tell us about yet? :-)

Since Malcolm and others have already pretty much spilled the beans, and word
has gone out to the crew and cast and others and we're beginning prep next
week...yeah, we've been picked up on Jeremiah. Sam Egan has left and we're
bringing on Grant Rosenberg to help out in his place, mainly by working on set
so I can focus more on the writing instead of having to plow through snow to
stand around with the director.

So I'm hip deep in prep on Jeremiah, still waiting news on Polaris, writing
Spidey, writing a new and as yet classified book for Marvel (I think they'll
break the news in the next issue of Wizard), I've got 3 more issues to write
for Rising Stars....

And there are two tippy-top secret projects I'm doing for companies I can't
name. On one, the contracts just came in for their last revision, and as soon
as they're done, we can get to work, and on the other, it looks very promising
(all I can say is that it's a series, but of a different configuration than
anyone's done before), but I never count chickens sans hatching. We've been
working on the last item there for about six months, and we're very close to
getting this going. If that happens, and that's always a big if, it's going to
be something kinda huge, to be honest, with the potential to have a massive
effect on television storytelling and production. It would be a very literal
paradigm shift. Which is why I can't say anything about it for now (that and
the non-disclosure agreement I had to sign).

So there's your other two projects....


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