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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: Nightwatch/Home Guard in America?
    Date: 8/19/2002 5:27:00 PM  

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>You'll be waiting a very long time. JMS seems to be quite rigidly
>partisan - In his world, Democrats are always paragons of virtue
>and common sense, Republicans are always stupid, evil, and insane.

Please show me where I said this. Which should be difficult, since I never

Clinton screwed an intern. This was a serious moral lapse that shamed the
office. But it really has no effect on the way the country is run; Whitewater,
after eight years of searching and millions of dollars, turned out to be
nothing but hot air.

Bush is screwing the *country*.and that's a very different thing.

>The only nice word I have seen from JMS about any Republican was
>when he was campaigning for McCain in the primary. I posted then
>that I thought this was because he expected McCain to be easier
>to beat in November, and asked for his word of honor that, if
>McCain were to win the primary, he would still be campaigning for
>him and vote for him in November. For whatever reason, he didn't

Never saw the message to reply to it.

I contributed to the McCain campaign, in a fairly large amount. I would've
been happy with him or Gore in the white house. Both are men of strong
convictions and intellect who have dedicated their lives to public service.

Bush ran two businesses into the ground and was only rescued by friends of the
family and others who bailed him out in order to get close to the Bush family,
didn't even bother to show up for most of his national guard service, and has
the least amount of prior government work of any candidate in history, and that
is painfully evident with every passing day.

If the race were McCain against Gore, I honestly don't know who I would've
voted for. If I were prescient, and could see 9/11 coming, I probably would've
voted for McCain.

Meanwhile, please do not put words or intentions in my mouth to which I do not
subscribe; I get in enough trouble with what I *do* say, I don't need help in
that area by adding things I didn't say.


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