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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn JMS: S1 DVDs - No Michael O'Hare?
    Date: 7/5/2002 3:18:00 PM  

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>I was disappointed not to see Michael O'Hare's name among those who were
>*definitely* doing interviews for the DVD, and even more disappointed
>when Ruth O'Hare confirmed that Michael hadn't been asked. I realize
>the Warner Home Video wouldn't go to the expense of flying Michael in
>from New York just for a short interview for the DVD, but surely the
>AOL/TW octopus has enough units *based* in New York that some camera
>crew or another could have grabbed a quick interview with him at the MTV
>studio or elsewhere. He was only the frickin' *lead character* for the
>entire first season. Not having him in the supplements on the DVD seems
>an odd omission, to say the least.

WB was frantic to find Michael. They had no direct contact information for
him. They went through SAG which said they didn't have a current listing for
either Michael or his agent. They asked me for help, and I gave them a number
which I had a while ago but didn't work. So next we tried Sandy Bruckner, who
had another number for him, which I gave to WB, and they said they left
messages at that number but never heard a reply. This was all at very short
notice, and there was only a week to try and track him down. B5-DVD maven
Scott Devine at WB can directly confirm that they were looking for him
everywhere, but the clock finally ran out.


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