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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: SFC management
    Date: 4/9/2002 5:54:00 PM  

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>It looks like TLaDiS suffered from a lack of time to develop a script, a
>lack of resources (the B5/Crusade CGI files), and lack of time to re-develop
>the CGI that was lost. They were under time pressure to produce something
>before it could be affected by the looming strikes.

Not true.

The script worked fine, the CGI worked fine, the time constraints were not an

What killed us was the football playoffs. That is a matter of record.

They were hoping the show would do a 2.7 or 2.6 to get picked up. In *every
market* where we weren't up against the highest-rasted football game in ten
years, we pulled those numbers or better, in some places hitting a 3.1, which
is just about unheard of for SFC. Those numbers came in because the show

But we lost the east coast and most of the midwest to the game. When you
averaged it all out, we got a 1.7 or thereabouts. The SFC knows why, we know
why, it's not like that's an issue, and we *gained viewers* as the show went
along, which only happens if the show -- script, CGI, performances -- works.
But in TV, the overall number is the overall number, and it's hard for a
network to get past that, especially in dealing with advertisers.

If we'd aired on any other night of the week, there would be a LoTR series in
prep right now.


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