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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: A question about Minbari beds.
    Date: 1/25/2002 10:15:00 PM  

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>During the run of Babylon 5 and also in the books which you have certified as
>canon, all Minbari beds have been at an angle. I think Delenn even tells
>Sheridan in one episode that Minbari believe sleeping horizontal is tempting
>fate. Ivanova and Lennier both were put on beds that (until Marcus changed it
>for Ivanova) aren't horizontal even though they were severely or motally
>injured. So people are wondering how come, when Dulann is lying in medbay,
>bed is horizontal. It couldn't be because of human influence since I believe
>the Liandra was built before those pesky humans could stick their noses in.

It wasn't at an angle because it isn't a bed for sleeping in. It's a medical
examining tube. Take a look...half of his body is inside the tube, there's a
scanner above him that runs the length of body inside the tube (it's what David
leans against in one of the scenes)...there are three such tubes in that room.
It's more like an iron lung in that sense (though clearly more advanced).

A person may fall asleep in one of the tubes, but it isn't a bed for sleeping.
You don't want to go upending patients who may be critically wounded; I can't
imagine who would try and apply a sleeping custom to a medical procedure

That's just common sense.


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