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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: The power of B5 fans - from jms
    Date: 12/4/2001 4:24:00 PM  

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One thing I've always tried to do was to avoid obvious promotion; I like
talking about the writing of a show, the making of a show, what I liked (or
didn't) like about the end result...going out there and blatantly saying "Hey,
watch our show!" is something I've never been comfortable with, only because I
think people are smart enough to make up their own minds. If it's something
you want to see, you'll see it; if it ain't, you won't. ("If you like that
sort of thing, it's the sort of thing you'll like." Abraham Lincoln.)

One thing, however, is self-evident about the coming broadcast of The Legend of
the Rangers: if enough people tune it, there will be a series. If enough
don't, there won't.

At conventions, I'm asked constantly when more B5 stuff will be coming down the
pike. I've always said it's in the hands of the networks and the studios.
This time, it's the fans who have the power to make that decision. If every B5
fan tunes in, it happens. It's really that simple and straightforward.

The rest I leave happily to your own disrection.


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