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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: JMS: ASM villains explanation
    Date: 6/16/2001 8:01:00 PM  

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>villains explanation that ties all of them
>together, that's something that's been right in front of all of our faces for
>quite awhile but never realized. However, I couldn't help but think that the
>only major Spidey villain that doesn't quite fit into that definition is The

It was never meant to be an all-inclusive statement, and what's weird is that a
number of people, including critics, have taken it as such. It covers most of
them, but it sure as heck doesn't cover ALL of them, nor was it intended to.
There's no rule or yellow tape around Spidey saying "Totems Only." So there
are going to be any number that don't, the only issue was that there are
thematic connections between many of them.

> Any plans to do anything with this interesting character who was so
>cleverly 'redeemed' over the course of almost 15 years, then ruined in a
>throwaway shock value story with a "yawn", brainwashing?

I'm open to it.


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