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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn JMS: OT- Rising Stars (spoilers for RS#14)
    Date: 4/27/2001 8:26:00 PM  

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>One teeny weeny peeve, though: I know this is an American comic book written
>by an American mostly for Americans, but I find it slightly awkward that
>"changing the world" starts with two examples which are just covering
>American interests. There might have been more of a global feel to those
>new-found RS goals if the mission in Greece hadn't struck at terrorists
>targeting *American* interests.

So you're saying (in reference to the first example which you don't cite,
regarding torching cocaine fields) that cocaine isn't a problem in France?

When did that happen, 'cause I must've missed that story on Headline News.


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