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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn jms: Tweaking your writing...
    Date: 3/23/2001 9:08:00 PM  

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>Knowing from your previous posts that you have what you write fairly
>firmly in mind when you do so, but realizing what is gained by writing
>via computer, I wonder how often you come up with a better idea, line,
>or (gasp) correction on something you wrote mere pages ago, and end up
>going back to tweak it. (Your latest multitasking post brings up the
>possibility.) If this does occur, for smaller stuff, do you do wait to
>finish the draft, and leave such changes for the next one?

I cannot imagine anything more boring for anyone else than a prolonged
discussion of How I Write, but....

When I sit down to write, I go over and revise the previous day's work. This
lets me catch up mentally with where I left off, and condenses the revision
period so that by the time I'm done...I'm done. So I'm constantly tweaking,
trimming, revising, and otherwise mucking with the words. Once it's done, it's
pretty much done. This is especially vital in TV which doesn't leave much time
for going back and revising; you finish it, slit your wrists, and go on to the
next script.


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