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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: from jms re: new series
    Date: 3/21/2001 7:57:00 PM  

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>But have any of them been writing three monthly comics at the
>same time as well? ;) At any rate, this is great news!

You've gotta understand...I've always done multiple projects. While I was
story editing Twilight Zone, I wrote and sold my second novel, was writing a
monthly column for Twilight Zone Magazine, and hosting a two-hour weekly talk
radio show on KPFK-FM Los Angeles, Hour 25.

At the tail end of B5, I was handling all the post production for B5, writing
the 2 new movies, writing and setting up Crusade, writing multiple outlines for
the various Del Rey novels, writing the "We Killed Them in the Ratings"
novelette that was published shortly thereafter in an anthology, and writing
Rising Stars.

It's just kinda what I *do*.

It's always been that way with me...I like writing in a lot of different fields
at the same time because it keeps me from going stale. The more work I have,
oddly enough, the better I get...I'm at my worst when I have only one thing in
front of me, and I fret over it and second-guess it to death.

I sometimes think I'm the only creature known to modern science whose natural
environment is hot water....


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