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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Boxleitner and JMS in EON - ATTN JMS
    Date: 2/2/2001 3:51:00 PM  

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>> > They
>> > kept an offer open to Tracy because one of the higher ups went to school
>> with
>> > her and wanter her in the series.
>> Just more proof that, in life, it's who you know that matters, more than
>> anything.
>Yes, and to Hell with what would be of most benefit to the series. This
>kind of stuff makes me sick.

One should be careful what one listens to on the rumor mill. The only problem
with the foregoing story is that it isn't true.

I had spoken with Tracy well in advance of Crusade about being involved with
that series. (At one point I'd even mentioned to her that we were considering
her for the role of captain of the Excalibur, though in the end we went for
Gary Cole.)

Her position on the show got whipsawed by the changing positions at TNT. At
first they wanted her there as well for purposes of continuity. Then they
decided that they wanted the show to be TOTALLY SEPARATE from B5, no
references, so we cut her appearances from the first episodes...then they said
they DID want her so we put her back in again.

But that's about it.


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