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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: various from jms
    Date: 1/15/2001 9:31:00 PM  

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A number of items here, of varying timeliness and relevance.

As some have noted, is now an ex-website. For those wanting to
get their hands on Tribulations, the book is still available from There are no plans currently to put the book up anywhere else

Rising Stars 12 and Midnight Nation 5 came out a few weeks ago (would've made
more mention of this but it's been kinda hectic here lately on a number of

(And speaking of comics stuff, Crusade writer and B5 Reference Editor Fiona
Avery wrote the script for the X-Men Annual 2000, which came out last week from
Marvel. Her own series, No Honor, will debut from Top Cow late February.
Folks can keep up on her stuff at

My first draft screenplay for the Rising Stars movie went in on Christmas day,
and the studio reaction has been EXTREMELY positive. I can't say more about
this at the moment, but things are looking very good for the long haul on this.

I've turned in 4 scripts for new City of Dreams episodes, but due to production
tie-ups on other projects at Seeing Ear Theater, they won't be up at until around the first week of February.

Finally...and you'll have to forgive the vagueness of this...B5 fans may want
to keep their ears to the ground for the next few weeks. There are several
things that have been simmering for a while now, which I haven't commented on
because I wanted them to be realities, not possibilities, before I said
anything. I think the former may finally be working keep an eye on
this newsgroup for the next few weeks. There may be a number of interesting


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