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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS: Opinion on Bush's Win?
    Date: 11/9/2000 3:02:00 PM  

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>We have a Presidential candidate who when confronted with his past said the
>reports are accurate, he's not proud of them, and as he's said before, he
>wasn't the most responsible young man in his youth.
>Which one sounds like he's being candid and responsible to you

Except he only said it *after* being confronted with the evidence, and *after*
changing his driver's license number to try and HIDE the information. (Under
Texas law, the only technically legal or legitimate reason for changing the ID
number is in case of identity theft, which no one has ever said was the case

It's real easy to act contrite when you've been caught.

And this is the same Bush who to this *day* has not given a straight answer to
the drug question.


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