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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: The Shadow's Long-Term Memory Problem
    Date: 10/15/2000 6:23:00 AM  

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> OTOH, why talk to G'Kar? 1000, G'Quon and his
>contemporaries, tho' not yet spacefaring themselves, made Narn an unpleasant
>enough environment for the Shadows that they left; don't they remember this?
>Even *more* significantly, 1000 years ago, Valen and the Anla'Shok (we'll
>assume they didn't recognize him in Sinclair, even if Kosh and the Grey
>Council have) kicked their sorry butts right off their homeworld and into a
>millenium of exile! You mean to tell me they don't remember THAT? Methinks
>the Shadows needed a good dose of Gingko Biloba!

No, because in every group there is always someone who can be corrupted by
offering him or her what he/she wants. Many on Narn wouldn't believe G'Kar's
suspicions, remember? So those individuals would be perfect foils for shadow
involvement, step by step, until it's too late to get out.

Races aren't monolithic or always consistent. Some of the most ruthless men in
concentration camps during WW2 were the capos or collaborators, Russians or
other groups who sold out their own kind to survive themselves. We do it; no
reason to suspect someone else wouldn't.


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