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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS: Crusade - The Whole Story
    Date: 9/10/2000 10:32:00 AM  

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>If I understood you correctly, B5:Crusade is never going to be made
>because TNT is holding the rights and won't sell them in a reasonable
>price, thus not allowing anyone else to make it

No, that's not quite it. WB owns the rights to Crusade, not TNT. SFC wanted
the rerun rights to B5 *as well as* Crusade because it seemed counter
productive to have the one without the other. TNT, not wanting Crusade to
succeed elsewhere -- in the past movies they'd passed on went on to earn emmys
elsewhere, something that annoyed them no end -- asked for a huge sum of money
to pry loose the reruns of B5, far more than anyone would pay. That was the
final sticking point in the deal, not the Crusade part.

> On the other hand, from
>your description, and your script, Crusade must be a hell of a story. So
>my question is, will we ever get to hear it? Is there hope that someone
>might pick it up and produce it? Can we expect more scripts that depict
>the main story? Should we expect a novel?

No, no novels are planned, because I wanted Crusade to be a TV story, and
again, WB owns the rights, which is standard for all TV series. Now, there's a
lot of the Crusade story covered in the technomage novels, so that's one place,
but a pure Crusade novel, no. As for the rest, only time will tell.


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