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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: jms update
    Date: 8/20/2000 9:40:00 AM  

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Resending this since the first one didn't go through....

A lot of people have been asking what's up while the newsgroup's been down, so
I figured I'd take just a moment to do a quick list of where to go for new jms
stuff, and what's in the works.

I apologize in advance if this comes across heavy-handedly, it's just that a
lot of stuff has been going on, and the best way to get it out is just to drop
it all at once rather than cluttering up the newsgroup with a lot of different

1) My new novel, TRIBULATIONS, is now available to be read free online at (along with the last Crusade scripts and some of my short

2) Starting Monday, for those who massively want a print copy of the book,
TRIBULATIONS can also be ordered from; Dark Tales publishing is
doing a special edition trade paperback in limited numbers. (And a bit of
history is being raffled off: the Kinesis keyboard on which I wrote nearly all
of B5, most of my internet posts, Crusade, Tribulations, the Murder She Wrote
movie, and a bunch of other stuff...will be raffled off to one of the folks who
pick up the Dark Tales edition. It still works fine though the cable that goes
inside comes a bit loose sometimes.) I've been offered big bucks for the
thing, and some have wanted to sell it on ebay...but all things considered, I'd
rather give it away, in the hope that whoever gets it will use it to create the
next big story.)

3) The 13 episode anthology series I'm doing for -- THE CITY OF
DREAMS -- continues to air new episodes. The first couple starred Steve
Buscemi and Andre Braugher, and the one currently up stars Tim Curry and should
be of particular interest to net-folks. Just stick with it, you'll see what I
mean. That's over at

4) Per a page one story in today's DAILY VARIETY, MGM has commissioned me to
write a RISING STARS movie in a seven-figure deal. I won't be producing this
one because a) I have nothing to do with financing it and have never produced a
feature film and have no desire to start, and b) I'm going to be too busy

5) Having finally finished the RISING STARS negotiation, we're now able to
finish negotiating the deal for me to run a new hour long drama series as exec
producer. There are just a few more small points we're still haggling over,
but they're not deal breakers, so I should be able to provide that info
sometime in the coming week. It's going to be a pretty cool show.

6) Alongside such other folks as Jerry Bruckheimer, Oliver Stone, Ellen
Degeneres, Chris Rock and the like, I've signed to develop programming for, which looks like it's going to become one of the premiere sites for
internet programming. We hope to have some of the stuff online by Halloween.

7) I've also just signed to do a column for, a division of USA
Networks. The first one debuts around September 28th.

8) Next month the first title under the Joe's Comics imprint from Top Cow makes
its debut: MIDNIGHT NATION, a nifty little book penciled by Gary Frank. You
can get an advance glimpse of the stuff at

Other than that it's been pretty quiet.


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