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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS: "V" Script
    Date: 7/1/2000 9:18:00 AM  

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>What I want to know is why the Visitors have suddenly developed a
>complete lack of interest in sucking the water out of Earth and
>harvesting humans as food. I'm HOPING that this is just something that
>the first three acts didn't get around to, but they (the first three
>acts) present a view of the Visitors which is completely at odds with
>what has come bnefore.
>Sorry, JMS...

Sorry, Kensu...I don't buy it, and didn't buy it in the show.

You mean to tell me this is a highly advanced space faring civilization, and
they can't figure out how to mine asteroids for ice, and how to synthesize food
or find it in some more reasonable fashion than coming *this* far, dropping
into a gravity well, setting up an occupation...all this because they can't
decide where to go for lunch?

It's utterly and totally illogical.

So I came up with another which was consistent with the series
-- yes, they do eat humans, yes they do drink water -- but that's a *secondary*
thing to the REAL reason they were here, a reason they kept secret...because if
you're involved in a major mission, something with a hell of a lot more at
stake than still need supply lines.


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