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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN JMS: What the heck was Larry talking about?
    Date: 6/9/2000 3:53:00 AM  

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>In his interview on B5Magazine, Larry DiTillio mentioned that he was
>asked to write a Crusade script that would've been part of a three
>parter that ended the season--it bascally involved Dureena being
>kidnapped by some big slug-ship or something similar.
>Well, now we know for a fact that this wasn't the case. Was said
>three-parter supposed to take place between To The End of The Earth
>and The End of The Line? Or was DiTillio screwing with our heads? :)

Dureena would've been taken away in a 3 parter, and when she returned she
would've had the sword referred to in the uploaded Crusade script. So no,
Larry wasn't messing with anyone's head.


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