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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Pope, Condoms, and AIDS (was "geez")
    Date: 4/24/2000 5:11:00 AM  

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>In article <DoOJ4.11329$>,
> (Dr Nancy's Sweetie) wrote:
>> Your argument seems to require that two contradictory things be true:
>> a) everybody in Africa listens to the Pope and avoids condoms,
>> and
>> b) everybody in Africa ignores the Pope, engaging in sexual acts
>> he disapproves of.
>> Do you really believe both of these things simultaneously? If so, how?

So you're saying you always did EVERYTHING your father told you to do because
he disapproved? Or did you do some things and not others?

Because if the former, then I'm pretty sure you're the first person on the
planet in all of history who can make that claim.


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