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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS, Shame on you (was Re: ATTN: JMS: Re: Off-topic from jms
    Date: 2/22/2000 6:56:00 AM  

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>I think it tells MORE about a person
>when they suggest that a special place in hell is reserved for someone
>they don't like,

Which is what the person who started this particular thread said of me, that
for simply expressing an opinion, I deserved taht selfsame hell.

> or somewhat gleefully observing that Alzheimer's has
>turned someone they don't like into a mental vegetable. You can't throw
>stones willy-nilly and expect that someone might not throw them back.

You will not find glee anywhere in that statement. I said only that I found it
appropos...especially when you factor in the many mentally disabled people,
many of whom themselves suffer from Alzheimer's, who were dumped out into the
streets under the Reagan administration which felt that the money used to fund
those facilities was better spent on weapons tech, and thus saw record

Nothing I said in that one sentence comes anywhere NEAR the meanness of spirit,
the abuse of the mentally disabled, that was practiced by the administration
that closed down those facilities.

And I do expect people to throw back. I'd be disappointed if they didn't. But
it's one thing to say "I disagree with you and here's why," and another to say
"shame on you for speaking your mind, you should go to hell."


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