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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN. JMS - One Question
    Date: 1/28/2000 3:01:00 PM  

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>How would you characterize network interaction (notes, suggestions,
>requests, demands, etc.) that occurred in Season 1 of Babylon 5 vs. Season 1
>of Crusade?

Our scripts were reviewed at WB by our liaison, Gregg Maday, who from time to
time would call with what was basically a question. "I'm wondering if we may
need to clarify X for the audience," or "Is there some way to strengthen this
element?" In each case, the conversation was left with, "I'll leave the
disposition of this to your discretion."

The thing about Gregg's notes or suggestions were that they were generally
well-considered, thoughtful, and totally aimed at making the story work. So we
always got along great.

And by the time season 2 rolled around, we got a couple of notes on the first
couple of episodes, then that was literally that...we were on our own after
that. He trusted us to do the right thing by the story, and we never violated
that trust.

>I'd have thought that after writing/producing five full seasons of Babylon
>5, any network would have let you alone based upon your recent track record.

Yeah, one would think that...though that's also what Rod Serling thought after
doing Twilight Zone, only to find himself torpedoed amidships creatively during
Night Gallery.


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