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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: jerry doyle runs for congress
    Date: 12/18/1999 5:31:00 AM  

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I'd heard this rumor the other day, and called Jerry to see if it were true or
not. Well, he called back, and it's true. He's running for US Congress in the
24th district, state of California (just north of the valley).

I differ with Jerry on just about every one of his political views, always
have, but I think that his entering the race is great. And while our views
differ, the thing about Jerry is that he talks straight and you always know
where he stands on an issue, no waffling. So on that basis alone I think it'd
be great if he won. I don't have to agree with his positions to respect their
origin, and the forthrightness with which they are expressed.

Go get 'em, Jer.


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