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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: ATTN:JMS Rising Stars #3
    Date: 12/4/1999 6:40:00 AM  

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>In RS #3, a comment was made that Flagg had to change his name over the
>copyright. Was this for real, (As I know there used to be another Flagg in
>another company's line up.)

To a certain extent. After the PR for Rising Stars got going, Howard Chaykin
noticed the Flagg name, and he did (and does) have the rights to Flagg. I'd
thought it was only American Flagg! that he had the rights to, and it wouldn't
be an issue, but apparently it's otherwise.

It wasn't a big deal, really...I saw Howard one night at dinner (we're not
close friends, but we are friendly acquaintances, and I've always been a big
fan of his work), and we chatted about it, and I suggested the solution that's
in the book, he laughed, thought it was a great and funny idea, and that was
the end of it.


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