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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: A dumb ratings question...
    Date: 11/9/1999 11:44:00 AM  

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>> As someone who does nothing BUT watch TNT's air, I can tell you without
>> a doubt that Crusade was promoted TO DEATH on TNT, and to a lesser
>> extent on all the other Turner networks. Although I have forgotten the
>> exact figure now, I know that the ad campaign even before the first
>> episode aired was well into the millions. Lack of advertising was NOT
>> the problem.

That's simply not true. For one thing, the few ads they had on TNT were comps,
meaning they don't cost much of anything, and only appeal to viewers watching
TNT to begin with. For the B5 launch, they bought ads on other cable networks,
bus ads, billboards, you name it...they did none of that for Crusade. Zero.
Reviewers and journalists were constantly calling me to ask if they could get
material for the show because TNT wouldn't give it to them. I saw their ad
campaign before they launched it, and even they admitted that it was only a
small part of what they'd done for B5 and were doing for other shows.

Your perception is your perception, but it doesn't jibe with the facts.


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