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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: B5: Into the Fire Cancelled
    Date: 9/21/1999 8:40:00 AM  

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Yeah, I got word of this today from one of the developers on the game;
apparently the problem is two-fold: 1) because Sierra has taken so long to get
the game out, it has become expensive, and the additional million bucks used to
relocate the facility north (and everyone involved) was charged against the
game, and 2) they made a deal with WB for X number of games in Y years, and
they've chewed up most of that time already, and WB is (I'm told, haven't had a
chance to verify this yet) loathe to renegotiate since it's now taken --what?--
three, four years to get this first game out.

There's rumors that another studio might be interested in picking it up and
finishing it off -- it was literally inches from being finished, and it's a
spectacular game -- but again that's only rumor, I don't know anything beyond

(The game would have allowed players to go through all of the major wars of the
B5 universe -- the Dilgar War, the Earth/Minbari War, the Shadow War and the
Earth Civil War -- with a chance of affecting the outcomes and dealing with the
temporal stresses caused by that.)


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