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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Attn: JMS, Re: No Hugo for *SiL*
    Date: 9/12/1999 9:34:00 AM  

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My prior message was cut off before I finished...wonky computer today....

To finish:

>That is their opinion and that is fine, however, the fact is that, honestly
>speaking, season five IS generally hailed as the weakest and least satisfying
>of the shows run.

To repeat...if someone else says they like it, then that's their opinion, but
when you say something, it's the facts, right? That's what you're saying here.

Please give me the facts and figures to back this up, because it ain't what I
hear at conventions, and it ain't reflected in the only -- ONLY -- objective
form of reportage on B5's history: the P5 poll.

In the P5 poll, in which 2,403 people voted on episodes over the 5 year history
of B5, the rankings are as follows, by season:

PILOT: 6.32
S1: 7.52
S2: 8.11
S3: 8.38
S4: 8.58
S5: 8.35

With a standard deviation of .61, which means that the S5 rating could be as
high as 9. The .23 difference between S4 and S5 is statistically insignificant
on every conceivable level, and even without that, the pilot, S1 and S2 ALL
rated below S5 in the poll and it's essentially identical to S3.

I've shown my homework, now you show yours. Some people take it as read,
because THEY didn't like it, that everybody else feels the same way (and I've
heard from a LOT of people who very much liked S5 but just got tired of being
shouted down by a few fanatics and stopped posting). Again, the facts do NOT
bear out your -- and I emphasize this word -- OPINION. Sorry, but you do not
have the key to unvarnished truth, only to your opinion, which is flatly and
provably WRONG.

So the facts definitely contradict you, as they tend to so often in your posts,
from your claim through a "friend" that Harlan drinks, to this, to not knowing
or understanding how the Hugo system works before criticizing's a
definite pattern on your part.


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