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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: The Gathering Script Available
    Date: 9/12/1999 9:32:00 AM  

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Yesterday I was reading over the original script for "The Gathering," which we
are making available via for this month only. (Everything that
goes through for sale has to be approved by me personally, and I wanted to make
sure the copy was solid and readable, it's been a long time, after all.) And
for those who've asked -- and I should've gotten to this before, it's just been
kinda nuts -- it does have scenes that were filmed and didn't make it into
either version of the aired pilot movie for reasons of length, and some scenes
and partial scenes that were not filmed at *all.* I was actually kinda
surprised at just how much there was (including two very funny scenes with
Garibaldi and a tiny drunk alien in the Zocalo bar that we couldn't shoot
because the mechanical props kept breaking down).

Anyway, to those who've asked, yes, there's a pretty goodly amount of new stuff
there (well, new to anyone who never saw the script). It was amazing to look
back at it all, after 7 years, and see it in script form again; haven't touched
it since we did the re-edit.


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