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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Attn: JMS, Re: No Hugo for *SiL*
    Date: 9/10/1999 12:24:00 PM  

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>With the Sci-Fi Channel website reporting that the 1999 Hugo award for *Best
>Dramatic Presentation* went to "The Truman Show" do you feel this was a
>of B5's fifth and final season (which many are saying has lead to a dramatic
>softening of support for your sci-fi franchise)?

Not at all (and I still don't consider it a franchise; how can it be a
franchise if it's not continuing?).

What I was told by those involved is that SiL did not air in Australia during
or before the voting period; it did not, in fact, finally air until after the
WorldCon itself was over by three days. And the majority of folks coming to
WorldCon were, of course, Australians. So they didn't *see* the episode to
vote for it.

I would not expect, or want, anyone to vote for the episode sight-unseen. To
do so means you've missed the point of the show.

Truman Show (a damned good movie and well worth the award, btw) was written by
a New Zealander, and directed by an Australian, so was the next logical choice.

Once I knew that SiL wasn't going to air until after the Hugos, I pretty much
knew it wouldn't get the Hugo. (As it was, according to the site with all the
official numbers, SiL did get more raw numbers of votes than any other
nominee, but due to the Australian balloting system, which uses a weighted
scale, TS got the actual award.)

And I note that the question is phrased in your usual negative fashion, and
frankly, I heard from many folks who said that S5 was their favorite season,
and there's a great editorial in Frontier (the main SF magazine in Australia
and a fine publication) that sang the praises of S5 as necessary and right.


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