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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: JMS: What exactly is your writing involvement
    Date: 7/20/1999 8:57:00 AM  

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>Please forgive me if I've overlooked this in the past, but after watching
>the first three episodes of Crusade (I'm catching up), I've noticed
>they're not written by you.

To be specific: half of the first six were written by others. I generally have
preferred about 50% freelance work; that's the rule on most of my other shows,
the only reason I didn't do it on B5 was that the story became too complex into

>I've also noticed that every episode insists to utilize a dialog format
>between characters that constantly over-simplifies and over-explains their
>dialog deliveries which was hardly ever done, if at all, in B-5.
>It's just that I'm wondering if there was a reason for the style
>Crusade is presented in?

Unless one is prepared to rewrite every single line of a freelancer's script,
the voice is going to sound different than mine.

That aside...the most frequent notes from TNT involved explaining more and more
to the audience, who may never have seen B5. Nearly all the notes were
exposition oriented.

The thing that's been kind of maddening about this is that some folks have
said, "Gee, these shows are so talky, I can see why TNT asked for more action,"
but these are the ones made AFTER TNT got into the process, and those notes
were nearly all for exposition.

The first five to be produced will be the last five to air...and I think it
will be very clear that there was *plenty* of action, and humor, and character
in them. Those represent the show when nobody was bugging us, vs. after the
process became very, very difficult and debilitating.


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