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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: The Babylon File Volume 2
    Date: 5/5/1999 4:50:00 PM  

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>I admit I have a bias going into it since I liked
>Vol 1 a lot. Also I'm more inclined to agree based on the sole fact that
>I felt the same way about many things and specifc episode. Maybe that
>does not qualify me to look at it objectively,

But that's okay, and that's the point...your feelings about the episodes are
subjective, there's no such thing as an objective *opinion*. Facts can be
objective, opinions are a different creature. The language means what it
means. And you're as qualified as anyone else to give your opinion on anything
you so choose, and should not hesitate to do so.

It's when others try to disguise opinion as fact that I think a line gets


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