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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn: JMS RISING STARS preview & #0 info?
    Date: 12/26/1998 11:04:00 AM  

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>If you're still out there Joe, I'm hoping you can give further info
>on your upcoming comic series. There's a RISING STARS Preview issue, 16
>b&w pages for $5 (probably $7.50 Canadian, *ouch*!) solicited in the new
>Previews catalog from Diamond distributors. Also, a #0 is to
>be included in the March issue of Wizard magazine.

I'm still here, just sorta coasting, mainly replying by email to stuff I see
that needs replying to, and wondering why on earth people are still responding
to Cronan as if a) he had anything of value to say, b) were actually a carbon
based life form, instead of a juvenile troll in need of attention....

>The info given is unclear whether the preview or #0 are actually comics
>style stories or text and art samples from #1-on? And the preview only
>lists the artist as "various" and nothing for #0. Who is/are the

The preview is 70% story, 30% art samples and other supporting stuff for the
book; the issue 0 is a full story. Top Cow hasn't released info on the artist

So far, everybody there is massively jazzed about the new book; the scripts
(I've turned in the preview, 0 and 1 so far) keep getting passed from person to
person as they come in, and read and reread. Apparently they're knocked out by


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