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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Darkness Ascending
      To: CIS  
    Date: 6/3/1998 8:16:00 PM  

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(blocked) asks:
> OK, so is anyone going to try to pass *this* one off as non-arc
> "filler"? You'd think the Royal Court asking about the other races
> shipping schedules would be a dead giveaway on that one - what
> legitimate reason could they *possibly* have for asking about
> that? And what the *hell* was going on with Lyta and Garibaldi's
> dream? Was she just in the dream, or was she actually involved in
> some fashion? And, either way, what does it mean?

"OK, so is anyone going to try to pass *this* one off as non-arc

Exactly. See, that's where I get nuts about some of the other
comments. A number of folks said last week's was just filler...but last
week we saw the process by which Lennier was sent to White Star 27,
what he was looking for, and why...we were introduced to the captain,
the mission...and now this week it pays off. It seems like the
*result* is considered arc, and the set-up is considered "filler."

Similarly, Lyta's actions in this episode (and those that are
going to follow) are a direct result of the whole Byron thread, which
is going to spiral further in some interesting directions. Some said
the Byron stuff was just filler...but it was there to move Lyta into a
whole new direction that will have a substantial effect on the show and
her character (and at least one other).

It seems to me that repeatedly, people dismiss something new in
the mix as filler or non-arc...when in fact it's ABSOLUTE arc stuff
once you've seen the whole thing. (Except for those who only seem to
feel that results are arc, not setups, which is as nutty a view as I've
ever heard.)


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