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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: Voice of the Resistance Con - "Economical" with the
    Date: 5/26/1998 11:47:00 PM  

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>I have just re-read the thread, and what you say is untrue.
>I'll explain my problem here in the simplest terms possible.
>Conventions invite guests. Not the other way around. If a convention
>invites a guest who then refuses to go, then the convention can be said to
>be "boycotted". If a convention does not invite a guest, then the guests
>opinions of the convention, it's organisers, and anything else to do with
>it is irrelevant.

No, it's not. Are you sure English is your first language?

I said, immediately after the last Wolf, that I would not be involved with any
Wolf or Cooney convention until they got their act together in their treatment
of fans and their organization. You can call it whatever you want...I made it
quite clear that I would not be receptive to any invitation until they fixed
the problems, so of course they're not going to issue an invitation having been
told that I won't go.

What part of that is unclear?

There are many concerns in how the fans in the UK are being treated and
exploited. For instance, Warner Bros. DONATED their theater in London for the
purpose of a *free screening* for B5 fans as a gift. Warner Bros. Legal
Affairs has just discovered that those running the convention (which would be
Bryan Cooney and other Wolf folks) are charging TWENTY POUNDS PER PERSON for
what was set aside as a gift to the fans. There was never supposed to be any
admission fee charged for the screening. (Suffice to say WB is investigating

And the beat goes on....


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