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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: Attn JMS: Did cast changes have a real impact in the arc?
    Date: 5/3/1998 3:43:00 AM  

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>No problem at all. Most of us (who count ourselves as fans) won't consider
>your answers to be evasive. However, in light of our perception of "The
>Business", I pray you'll forgive us our cynicism. Just please don't be put
>of by our perceptiveness.

You don't seem to understand the issue here.

Practically every person who gets on and finds this group (or others like it)
believes he or she is the first to ask a given question. I have now answered
this question, in stultifying detail, at least two dozen times by now, and it's
all in the faq files and on the lurker's guide and elsewhere. Why should your
cynicism compel me to retype again what I've already typed 24 times before?
The implication seems to be that your time is worth more than the time required
to look it up in the faq file or the lurker's guide, but my time is such that I
*must* repost the info for the 25th time or somehow appear suspect.

I suggest you get your priorities straight.


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