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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: ATTN JMS: Casting of Rebo & Zooty
    Date: 9/23/1997 6:08:00 AM  

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>I heard a rumor that Rebo and Zooty may make an appearance in season 5.
>Is this true? If so, I'd like to make a casting suggestion.
>With a name like Zooty, I picture a short, somewhat squeaky-voiced type
>of guy. I believe the perfect choice for this role is none other than
>Harlan Ellison. Just imagine him lifting his leg and saying "Zooty -
>Zoot Zoot". I bet he'd work real cheap too.
>Rebo would probably be the straight man in the act. You'd need a big,
>tall guy with a wry wit. Someone with a natural chemistry with Harlan's
>character. Who could be better qualified than yourself? Why not,
>you've done just about everything else on the show . It'd be great to
>see you in a cameo.
>What do you think? :)

I suggest Thorazine, and lots of it.



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