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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Angela
      To: CIS  
    Date: 8/21/1997 3:58:00 PM  

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Roseann M. Caputo <> asks:
> What was it like working with Angela Landsbury?
> Had you heard that too?
> Would you work with her again?
> Any chance she could do B5 or Crusade?

The improvements were instituted when David Moessinger was
brought on as Executive Producer. He did a year of the show and then
left when Angela was named exec. The improvements were already in
place by then.

Re: Angela...I have to say I enjoyed working with her. She
struck me as a woman of tremendous integrity and honesty, not to
mention skill. As an example...when she took over as exec, there was
one episode being directed by her son, who had been doing them here and
there for about a year. As I watched the dailies, I found he had
gotten the episode *completely* wrong and was, in my view, undercutting
the whole episode.

I went out, very upset and angry, and confronted him in front of
the whole crew. Suffice to say it's bad form (I was angry, it was
stupid, I make no excuses) to do after a director in front of his crew
in *any* event, even if you are a writer/producer but to go after the
*son* of the *star and executive producer*?

I got back to the offices and everybody was just
dead-white...they said, "You're going to be fired the second she hears
about this." About an hour or two later, the phone rang, and she
wanted to see me. I went to her office, and she asked, "What happened,
and why did you do what you did?"

I explained the situation, why I was upset, and explained how
the episode was being killed in the directing because he didn't
understand a large part of it. She considered it for a moment...and
finally nodded. "You did the right thing," she said, and that was the
end of it.

That took a lot of guts and integrity on her part. She knew me
well enough to know that I leave my ego at the door, and all that
concerns me is doing what's best for the show, and the story.
Sometimes, on some shows, that ain't enough. With her, it was. 'nuff


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