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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: Last 4 - have to redo?
      To: CIS  
    Date: 7/2/1997 6:44:00 AM  

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Alan Mulvie <> asks:
> Whats the score with Mr Garibaldi?
> Ditto Valen/Sinclair - his descendants?
> How did Babylon 5 get destroyed?
> (from flash forwards) Who/what was on the ship escaping?
> Will the Narn and Centari find peace?
> Who where the enemys referred to in War without End (Delann in
> the future) Does Sheridan Die (in 20 years) or evolve Like
> Lionheart? Whats the score with Lionheart?
> Did the Vorlons genetically engineer Telepaths?
> What else did they genetically engineer?
> Will Clark get booted out?
> What happens to Centari Prime (in the future - war without end)
> What will Sheridans Son be like- Do? If Lyta can be "enhanced2 by
> the Vorlons, what did the shadows do to their servants? How does
> the army of Light cope with that? If "Mankind" has some of that
> technology, what will we do with it? Whats "The Rim" and whats
> beyond it? Why wont there be a Babylon 6?
> Will Mars become independent or unify with earth?
> Now the big boys have gone, are the children gonna fight?
> Will JMS let someone else write a script?
> And their are plenty of other loose ends if I take time to think
> about it, so the question isnt if you will have a season 5 of
> fillers, but will you have enough episodes to wrap up everything
> by the end of season 5?

At least a third of those are resolved in the next batch; and a
bulk of the rest in the fifth season, plus a lot of other threads you


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