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    From: J. Michael Straczynski <>
 Subject: EVP Review
      To: CIS  
    Date: 6/3/1997 11:16:00 AM  

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Kristi Ferebee <> asks:
> Is this where technology is heading?
> Are we going to abolish animal testing only to have corporations
> start doing human testing? *Is this little lab of horrors the
> truth that Edgars is going to show Garibaldi when he brings
> Sheridan in? Why would they have wanted him to hate telepaths?
> Or is he a plant in Edgars' organization, with the PsiCorps
> watching through his brain or something? *Exactly what _is_
> Sheridan planning to do with the telepaths on B5? One thing:
> Wouldn't Franklin be obligated to tell Lyta what she's reviving
> her "comrades" for? *Whatever this top-secret telepath project of
> SHeridan's is, does Delenn approve? "_Think_ _Like_ _Them_?!"
> "Yes," "_No!_") Will Delenn even find out before Garibaldi takes
> Sheridan to Mars? True, Clark would begin to put on the pretense
> of a trial, but who's gonna stop him from hiring a loyal
> brainwashed Earther to become a crazed assassin? * On the
> commercial: But who's really in control? PsiCorps, Shadowfriends,
> Clark, or an unknown enemy? Garibaldi?
> Bester on the trailers?

Actually, Garibaldi's said he doesn't trust telepaths ever
since the pilot movie. It's a question of degrees at this point.


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