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 Subject: Re: Auction Mania Phase II
    Date: 4/21/2005 4:11:57 AM  

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Seems to me that JMS is keeping plenty to donate to a museum if/when
the time

It might be worth mentioning that I think the Medal, and the painting
by Peter, are going to be the last really big items. I think I'll keep
it to more reasonable stuff after that, mainly scripts, director's
cuts, and at the most there's a PPG and a link that might go...but
beyond that, I think I'll pull it back. So what's out now goes out,
but after that...not so much.

 Subject: Re: Auction Mania Phase II
    Date: 4/21/2005 8:33:41 PM  

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I still hope that he is taking some of this and putting back towards
worthy causes.

This is the only time I hope to talk about this.

One of the things I almost never discuss is the issue of charities,
because I'm of the school that says what you do, you do privately, you
don't make a show of it. Otherwise you're doing it for all the wrong becomes "looka me, how magnanimous I am!" I've never
believed in that.

So for as long as I can remember, I've always tithed about ten percent
of my income -- sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the work
that year -- to a variety of causes. Mostly women's shelters, some
hospices, Aids Project LA, the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, PEN
International, amnesty international, a handful of others. And there's
other stuff that nobody will EVER know about because I do it
anonymously, which is the way it's supposed to be, at least from my end
of things.

And that, I hope, will be the last I ever have to say on the issue.

 Subject: Re: Auction Mania Phase II
    Date: 4/27/2005 9:43:01 PM  

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Just an FYI to anyone who bid on this stuff...somebody at has been emailing bidders to tell them that he's me
and that buyer A bailed or couldn't make it so they're being offered a
second chance to get it. Be warned, this is a fraudulent email.


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