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    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: B5 and Big Bang stuff
    Date: 3/25/1995 1:35:00 PM  

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View this message only would be well advised to stay out of the middle of this,
because you're being used. To address some of your points:

1) It is NOT common practice to take orders for items that you do
not have the license to sell. This is a breach of the law.

2) Patches *were* purchased, people here have bought them. This is
a breach of the law.

3) Posters wrongfully adapted from provided material were sold. This
is a breach of the law. There was NO understanding at any point that this
was agreed to for the Starfury deal.

4) CMC does NOT have signed contracts with all the B5 personnel,
myself included. Neither have many of them been given any kind of

A Force For Good does not misrepresent contracts. Does not sell
goods that it does not have the right to sell. Does not tell you that
it's understood that material provided is there ONLY for one-time use in
making a demo -- which was stated to me, and John Copeland, and others --
and then turn right around and start making bunches of them and selling
them, without telling anyone, and at first *denying* it when confronted.

Further, remember that this comes as the culmination of OTHER
concerns raised during the Chicago visit. It was my feeling, upon
returning from that visit, that CMC did not have the wherewithal or the
capacity to deliver upon its promises, and that the convention would be
a total disaster. It was that concern which prompted my lengthy fax to

I could go down the list of things that went wrong behind the scenes
of the first visit, but it would again require four pages. Understand
clearly: every single one of us returned to LA *very* worried about how
things were being handled. CMC had a lot of ideas, but it seemed to all of
us that they didn't have the ability or the organization to pull off those
ideas. The rest was icing on the cake.

Please, everyone, don't get into the middle of this; this is now
in lawyer territory.

    From: (Jms at B5)
 Subject: Re: B5 and Big Bang stuff
    Date: 3/27/1995 3:01:00 PM  

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Matt, I have never considered that your motives have ever been other
than the well being of Babylon 5.

In that respect, we are alike.

One thing to remember is that B5 has developed a very hard-won
reputation for square dealing, and for taking care of those viewers who
have chosen to support us. This comes from the executive producer's
office. On anything that uses the B5 name, or which is connected to
B5, we take great pains to make sure everything's on the up and up, that
when merchandise goes out, or deals are made, it is done straight-up,
done properly, and the quality is assured. Anytime anyone buys anything
or supports anything involving B5, they have to *know* that it went through
my hands, that it's been checked out, vetted, and approved not by aides
but by the people who make the show. Sometimes that's a pain in the ass,
but it's the only way of protecting the fans in the long run, and the only
way I know how to make this show.


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