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 Subject: Toy Gun Question
    Date: 4/2/2005 10:46:06 PM  

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Even by my standards, such as they are, this is probably the most dopey
message I've posted in a long while, but what the hell....

When I was a kid, maybe 13, I had an idea for the Coolest Toy Gun In
the History Of the World. And I figured, sooner or later, somebody
would come up with the same idea and actually make the thing, so I
could play with it.

Well, it's now 37 years later, and I'm still waiting. No one's ever
come up with this one, insofar as I know. So I want to put this in
front of somebody in the Making Toy Gun Business. Unfortunately, I
don't KNOW anybody in the Making Toy Gun Business. And I thought, who
could I ask who MIGHT know somebody in the Toy Gun Business?

And who more likely than you bunch?

So if there's anybody reading this who knows somebody in the TGB
(obviously this will have to be verified) on a personal basis, not just
"I saw this name in an article" that would be great. It's both a
mechanical gun with some electronic aspects, but that's all I'll say
about it, so the company would have to handle both in production.

Just throwing it out there to see what happens...and if that 13 year
old jms will ever get his toy gun....

 Subject: Re: Toy Gun Question
    Date: 4/4/2005 4:08:10 PM  

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I personally know a toy designer who works for the giant Mammoth
Toys of China. Her forte is designing the circuitry/electronic boards
that go into the toys. Her last toy design was sold on the QVC
network and at KayBee Toys.

Can you have her drop me a note in email? Thanks.


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