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 Subject: jms NOT in Bristol
    Date: 5/10/2005 5:59:38 PM  

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Well, ain't life grand.

I've been fighting a worsening ear infection since flying back from
Toronto last week, and in a follow-up today with my doctor he explained
that if I get on a plane anytime in the next seven to ten days, I risk
blowing out my left eardrum and potentially losing my hearing in that
ear. This is, unhappily, a recurring problem. This happened before
when I was working on Jeremiah, and I had to take a train from LA to
Vancouver. (Unfortunately, there are as yet no trains from the US to
the UK.)

My apologies to the UK fans who were looking forward to my visit (both
of you), and I hope we can try this again.

 Subject: Re: jms NOT in Bristol
    Date: 5/11/2005 10:54:04 PM  

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> wrote:
> > I've been fighting a worsening ear infection since flying back from
> > Toronto last week
> too bad on the ear infection, those always suck pretty harsh.
> in terms of the trip to toronto though... something show related
> there?

Not per se, no...I was there to make a surprise appearance at the
Toronto Comicon, and by the time I'd left was already picking up a case
of convention crud, which was exacerbated by the flight back. The
thing moved from my throat to my ear, and it just went to hell after

 Subject: Re: jms NOT in Bristol
    Date: 5/23/2005 5:24:36 PM  

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Tagging this here because it's the first one I came answer
to the many folks (and I mean many) who've asked if the Book of G'Kar
could be made available...I've finally relented (having decided on an
even better gift for Andreas down the road). So it's there on Ebay,
however there's a typo in the entry so it's THEBOOK of G'Kar with out a
space in the main listing, though the subhead is correct.


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