K.Wicker...there's a difference...

 Posted on 8/25/1994 by STRACZYNSKI [Joe] to GENIE

K.Wicker...there's a difference between saying, "Will we see a huge
carrier vessel this year?" and sketching out a story idea. I've tried to
drive home this point many times. As for the speculation on the arc
topic...I'm keeping my eye on it, and if it starts to get too specific, with
too many concrete suggestions, I'm going to have to have it closed down. So
far, it's okay, though it's dancing a careful dance.

This isn't news to anyone. This has always been the situation. This is
the fifth time that I've had to scuttle a story (thankfully none of them vital
arc stuff) because someone suggested the thing on-line; one here, one on CIS,
and three on Internet (which is more rowdy and with a lot more message
traffic). On the up side, that this has only happened five times is a good
thing...on the other hand, five stories is one fourth of a season....

I can't budge from this position. I've said it before. I have an
obligation to protect my show. Sometimes we need reminders, I guess.