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JMS Has Completed Harlan Ellison's "The Last Dangerous Visions"

 Posted on 8/20/2021 by Jan Schroeder in News

JMS announced on August 12 that he's completed Harlan Ellison's "The Last Dangerous Visions" and it's been sent to the agent who will hopefully take it to auction for publication. JMS wrote:

THE LAST DANGEROUS VISIONS is now finished, 112,000 words by some of the most visionary writers of the last 48 years, right to the present moment. Proud and utterly exhausted from all that went into this.


JMS Now Has a Patreon Account

 Posted on 5/18/2020 by Jan in News

Exciting News!!  JMS has opened a Patreon account and we're all invited.  

The idea is for fans to be able to participate in the creative process by their patronage and have a say in new projects JMS might do through his Synthetic Worlds company.  

There are different tiers and perks for each.  Right off, JMS has made available to all patrons the script for his City of Dreams audio drama, "The Damned Are Playing at Godzilla's Tonight".   Another perk was a behind the scenes memo from Sense8 that JMS wrote as though it were an internal memo by a BPO scientist.  Last night was the first chat with JMS on the Discord server.  

Check out:  Patreon: J. Michael Straczynskifor more information.  If enough fans of JMS' work sign on, there could be some really exciting projects done.  


JMS Works

 Posted on 9/1/2019 by DougO in News

We added a new “Works” page to the JMSNews site that lists the books, comics, television, and movies that JMS has produced over the past 35 years.

Some of his earliest works included “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”, “Murder, She Wrote”, and “The Twilight Zone” during the 1980’s.

In the 1990’s he created the Emmy and Hugo Award winning television show Babylon 5. In the 2000’s Joe wrote for comics such as “The Amazing Spider-Man” and brought us the feature film “Changeling”.

Check out the Works Page for the full list of projects!


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