Own the Desk Where JMS Wrote Babylon 5 (and more)

 Posted on 5/23/2014 by Jan in News

Here's a piece of genuine genre history up for auction. In JMS' words:

I have written literally thousands of pages of material at this desk, starting with several seasons worth of Babylon 5, then Crusade, Jeremiah (for Showtime); the movies Changeling, Thor, Underworld Awakening, Ninja Assassin and World War Z; and over 200 published comic books. It was also at this desk that I co-wrote the first batch of scripts for Sense8, the new TV series about to go into production for Netflix.

JMS has written a message on the desk listing some of the things he wrote at it and encouraging the next person.

The Ebay auction is up and running and ends on May 27, 2014.